Scrambled eggs with garlic and tomato

This is a classic Chinese ‘peasant’ dish.  This version comes to us from Giselle our niece Carol’s Chinese friend.

1 Tbsp of Plum Creek Garlic (minimum!)
1 Tbsp of Vegetable Oil
2 Tomatoes (or a small can of diced tomatoes if it’s the middle of winter)
1 Egg

Note:  you can expand this recipe.  The basic proportion is approximately 1 egg to two medium tomatoes although of course you can change that to your liking.

1) Saute garlic and vegetable oil in a pan until cooked
2) Remove cooked garlic and set aside
3) Dice tomatoes or pour tomatoes from can into pan and fry
4) Remove cooked tomatoes and set aside
5) Scramble eggs until almost cooked
6) Add garlic and tomatoes and scramble into eggs

Add salt and pepper as desired!

If you want the garlic to have more ‘kick’, don’t saute in advance but add it to the dish a minute or two before it is finished cooking .