Ordering Garlic by the Bulb Compared to by the Pound

For those of you used to ordering garlic by the pound, here are a few things to consider.

First, our large garlic averages 5 heads per pound a month after harvest.  And our medium garlic averages 8 heads per pound a month after harvest. Our Extra Large garlic averages 4 heads per pound a month after harvest.  Our per head prices are set so that you get approximately the same amount of garlic per pound no matter which size you order.

Second, garlic loses a significant amount of weight in the first 6-8 weeks after harvest.  If you order by the pound and you order early, you get less garlic than if you order late in the season when you purchase from a supplier selling by the pound.

Third, when sizing garlic some growers look only at the widest spot in the garlic. We size at the narrowest spot. That can make a big difference in the amount of garlic you get.

We have settled on a per bulb price by size as the fairest to everyone regardless of when they order.  You know exactly how many heads of garlic you are getting and we can manage our inventory accurately to avoid disappointing anyone.

Finally, all of our garlic is both ‘seed’ garlic and eating garlic.