German Porcelain and Georgian Crystal Taste Test Results

AUGUST 2014 TASTE Test for German Porcelain and Georgian Crystal

Tasters: Approximately 9 of Joanne’s college sorority sisters several of whom are serious cooks

Note: Each bullet point is a different person’s comment

• Slightly sweet but with a little burn
• Mild with a sharp finish
• Milder than Georgian Crystal
• Nutty?
• More mellow than Georgian Crystal; has a pleasant after kick
• Initial burn, mellow quickly
• Mild
• Less sweet than Georgian Crystal, more bland
• Smooth texture, not strong
• Good texture, not much taste
• Mild – texture of a pine nut
• Mild – less smooth than Georgian Crystal
• Very little garlic flavor at first, potato-like texture
• More like a potato than garlic
• Hint of garlic with slight bitter after taste
• Somewhat bitter at end of taste
• Good sautéed, minimally bitter once it is held in your mouth
• Sweet

• Spicy, hot
• Has a bite! Sharp
• Spicy, but good – not bitter
• Burst of hot and Pop of flavor
• Got a kick or has a kick! Yikes!!
• Whoa – potent
• For a sensitive ‘spice’ person; it’s way strong
• Sour, hot & spicy, burns like a radish
• Mild and sweet
• Sweeter than sautéed
• Reminds me of butternut squash
• Only time I really liked this one – smooth!
• Great baked!! Subtle garlic taste – delish
• Interesting taste – complex
• GREAT – mild but flavorful – can’t stop eating this one!
• Smooth, mild
• Smooth, nutty and mellow
• Almost bread in texture
• Smooth texture like a baked potato, mild
• Squash-like texture with nutty finish
• Mellow
• Still strong but palatable