From our friends Tracy & Joe

The garlic was excellent! Thank you! Unfortunately, Joe and I are not good taste testers. We love garlic, but had a hard time distinguishing any of the types. Eaten raw (which we had never done before) we couldn’t distinguish a difference at all.
I add garlic to nearly everything…at least all my sautéed vegetable dishes and any soups that are vegetable based have it included. I found two recipes from the Common Ground recipe collection that I like that include garlic. The first one I prefer over the second, but both are good. Unfortunately, they both include many of the same foods…garlic..beans…kale…which I have been trying to incorporate more into our meals ;).

They are both found on this web page:
When you go to this web site here are the names of the recipes (they are PDF files):
Kale: Kale with Cannellini Beans
Kale: Bean Soup with Kale

Thanks again for sharing your garlic. Looking forward to more next season…keep me on the email list when you are ready to sell more.