Armenian and Music Family Taste Test Results

Taste testing with Karen, Tony T, Chris, Joanne, mom and dad — Around mid-August 2010

NOTE:  Each comment is from a single person
Armenian Raw
Strong kick, full flavor, sweeter side
Definite Sweetness, unusual, good but not very spicy
Tastes like white onion…
Sharp, not spicy – a little nutty
Strong taste
Armenian Roasted
Still slightly sweet, but little flavor or spice
Smooth, mild
Same as Music, mild
Music Raw
Very strong kick, burns the throat. Num!!
Spicy all the way through
Spicy, yes, but no flavor
Fiery kick
Fiery kick
Music Roasted
Like better than Armenian – tiny bit more spice and flavor
Smooth, mild
Same as Armenian – mild, tastes like squash
Georgian Crystal Raw
Medium kick
Ending spicy kick – not as good as music because it’s more mild
Flavorful, middle spice, definitely spiced at the end
Not so much kick, I liked flavor better
Flavorful, mild kick
Georgian Crystal Roasted
Flavorful, no kick
Sweet, flavorful
Slight fennel taste