Armenian and Georgian Crystal taste testing with three other garlic

From our friends Sue and Dean:
We had our taste test Saturday night (Sept. 2014) and really had fun. We first tasted a tiny piece raw, then we lightly sautéed in olive oil, put on bread, and toasted lightly. Here are the comments. Raters included Dean, another couple of friends, and their 12-1/2 year-old daughter.
Chesnok Red:
o OK, bitter.
o Uncooked, last choice (#5), hot like horseradish. Cooked rated it #3, tamed down.
o Cooked and uncooked, a bit bitter and sharp.
o Raw was bitter in a good way (tart). On toast, flavor was low.
Deerfield Purple:
o Bitteryish, stronger than Chesnok Red.
o Rated #2 when cooked; #4 when raw.
o Softer.
o Raw, hot bite. Cooked, tangy, good texture.
• Armenian:
o Strongness is neutral; very good.
o Rated #5 when cooked; #1 when raw.
o What punch! Cooked, very smooth. Full flavor.
o Was favorite when raw, good bite. When cooked, nice finish, true garlic dancing on your tongue.
• Metechi:
o Sweet, not very strong. Pleasant, light.
o Cooked rated #4; was lightest flavor raw, rated #2.
o Very light; nice for a green salad raw.
o Raw, good bite/nice finish. Cooked, nice garlic flavor, sticks with you at end.
• Georgian Crystal:
o Slightly bitter; good overall garlic.
o Rated #1 cooked; #3 raw.
o Wow! Full flavor, overall favorite.
o Raw, low flavor/finish. Cooked, good all-purpose garlic, not too much anything.