Tapenade made with Scapes — Delicious!

The key is to chop the scapes and drizzle in olive oil and make the scape olive oil mixture- using your food processor or blender.

Then you use the kinds of olives you like- more or less based on which flavors you like better.

1 can pitted black olives- drained
1/2 a jar pitted Kalmata olives- drained
1/2 a jar pitted green olives- drained
1 small bottle capers- drained
1 TBS olive oil and scape mixture (you can use more if you want a more intense garlic flavor)
1 TBS– fresh lemon or balsamic vinegar (you just want some acid)

Pulse the mixture in your food processor (or blender) until it is the texture you like (you don’t need to do this very much— you want it kind of coarse)

You can add anchovy’s for an authentic twist. Just blend them in with the scape olive oil mix

Then it is best to let it sit for a bit in the fridge– to let the flavors marinate

From Cyd Reuter, our world-famous Garlic Chef