Madison, WI Garlic Party hosted by Chris F. & Thanh

Hi Chris and Joanne!

We had a little party and we roasted garlic and served it with French bread. Here’s what 4 of us said:


  • Light
  • Mild
  • Creamy


  • Not spicy – the mildest of the 3
  • Smelled and tasted like a russet potato (not sure how that translates to marketing language)


  • Earthy
  • Slight fennel taste
  • Flowery
  • Most “classic garlic taste” of the 3
  • The spiciest/sharpest of the 3

We also did a Vietnamese dish (Shakin’ beef) which is a stir fry that uses a lot of garlic. We used the whole other Armenian bulb and the dish tasted markedly different than it usually tastes. The garlic is also visibly lighter in color – very white –after it has been pressed. I thought the dish seemed milder, lighter, almost a hint of sweetness.

Here’s how we roasted the garlic:

Here’s the Shaking Beef recipe – it’s a bed of lettuce and tomatoes topped with stir fried beef and garlic which is layered over the salad, and topped with slightly cooked onions mixed with a vinegar mixture and then you serve it spooned over white (Jasmine) rice. I’ll try to get more specifics, but Thanh cooks it from memory.