Local Garlic

Greetings!  Thank you for taking a look around our Web site.

(Updated as of Saturday August 16, 2014)  We sold our remaining inventory this past week.

See you next year in 2015!

Our mission is to build community as we grow local garlic in a sustainable manner.

Our garlic is:

  • Free of chemicals – we just don’t use them!
  • Planted and harvested by hand – by people who care about the land.
  • Fresh! As one enthusiastic customer put it, “you can see the kiss of fresh garlic on the counter when you smash it!”
  • Easy to use – the large cloves mean less peeling and more flavor.

Our garlic test from the University of Minnesota showed NO Bloat Nematode in the samples again this year (2014).  See this Post for more information.

Please explore our Web site for recipes, news from the farm and information about how each kind of garlic tastes!  Join our e-mail list by going to the Contact Page.